We are Philadelphia-based collective of Artists, Musicians, & Activists.

We are Philadelphia-based collective of Artists, Musicians, & Activists.

We are Philadelphia-based collective of Artists, Musicians, & Activists.We are Philadelphia-based collective of Artists, Musicians, & Activists.We are Philadelphia-based collective of Artists, Musicians, & Activists.

Inclusivity • Community • Creativity • Ingenuity

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Expanding Advocacy Arts, for Everyone!

We are fundraising to re-emerge bigger & better for holding unified creative space!

See our Public Statement for more on how we will re-open public space in 2020. This initiative intends to make the best of hurdles in holding a true DIY space, broadening our strengths. What does this mean for all involved?

  • An all-ages & all-styles art program, while many Philly schools close theirs 
  • Becoming wheelchair accessible
  • More activism & community outreach is possible
  • Improved gear & resources
  • More consistency & new cultivations from our curators
  • Opening a small apothecary through our doors

Photo by Alex Hawthorne

Shop handmade, locally crafted art & apothecary goods by our members.

:: A B O U T ::

Our Beginnings

Anthorna Gallery is an organization founded in May 2018, to hold space for the creative community in all forms. After previous work in the DIY scene, our curators join forces to uplift the standards for safer space and art-ivism. We opened our doors backing the distribution of clean water and power to those in effected areas of Puerto Rico, setting forth our continued intention to be a universally supportive network of artists and musicians.

What We Do

Every week, we are hosting DIY music shows for both local and traveling acts, creating projects to further connect folks across the East Coast, holding sliding scale trauma-sensitive yoga classes, distributing educational or reformative resources, and finding new ways to offer a supportively accepting environent to all who arrive. We operate on a suggested donation basis, so those of all circumstances are able to seek artistic sanctuary with us. Here, we are holding space for the empowerment and increase of conscious creation within our collective.

Our Mission

Essentially, the goal is to establish a radical and welcoming presence for the people at large. We see every type of art as healing, cathartic expression of the human experience, and the unifying power it possesses. Thus, together we form an unbreakable revolution, a new paradigm of healing arts for all.

:: W H O WE ARE ::

Meet Our Directors


We’re the main curators of Anthorna Gallery - together we are a couple, bandmates, & an all-around team. Eeden opened Anthorna in 2018 with the support of her project Prophecy Canvas, then Mark joined about 9 months later, merging his music booking organization Church of DIY. Since then, we’ve been putting our whole hearts into creating a sanctuary for arts of all kinds, for everyone who walks through our doors.

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Born in Philadelphia, Eeden is of European-Slavic descent & has been an artist as long as can be remembered. After focusing on her fine art studies, she took to the music world as a teenager, supporting in the DIY scene as a photographer before eventually joining bands herself. Today, their focus is dominantly on assisting other survivors of sexual assault to heal through her work in tattooing, at Anthorna, & with alternative medicine.

Pronouns: she/they


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From Atlanta, Georgia, Mark has a Brazilian-Armenian background & expresses himself with his passions for punk, pro wrestling, & cycling. He has been booking shows across the country for the past 7 years, & playing them for even longer! Mark developed the booking organization Church of DIY, & started our all-ages flier project which is distributed across Philadelphia & Atlanta every month.

Contributions: Knife Friend, Wayward Kid, Paste Eater, Wicked Pretty, Power Hug.

pronouns: he/him

Photo by @ktclairephotography

Contact Anthorna

Get in Touch!

Are you hoping to book a show with us, sell art at the space, or otherwise become involved?

Let us know!

For show requests:

• We book gigs two months in advance.

• Please include all acts you intend to have and links to their music.

• Tell us what date you’re requesting in the subject field.

*At this time we are closed for event booking, but open to collaboration, planning & networking.*

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